From dark office hallways and parking garages to sunlit lobbies, SC HD cloud video surveillance solutions provide the detail required to see things clearly. Learn how SC surveillance solutions can help you keep your building secure. Monitor, manage, store, and share HD video surveillance with the power of the cloud and see what you have been missing.

Stay Connected Anywhere, With Any Device

View and monitor all your cameras remotely from any computer, smart phone or tablet, all on one screen. Login with as many users as you like.

Protect Assets And Employees

Monitor your office buildings and business parks. SC provides the solutions and experience to protect your assets from vandalism and theft, while ensuring employee safety. See what the industry’s most award-winning cloud video surveillance platform can do for your company.

Flexible And Scalable Surveillance Solutions

No matter how big or small, SC offers flexible solutions that will grow with your operation. Adding new cameras and servers only takes minutes. SC also offers on-demand cloud storage letting you buy the storage you need, when you need it.


With SC, you’re not limited to one camera brand. Choose from SC cameras or hundreds of industry-leading cameras from top camera vendors.

Quickly Resolve Incidents

A quick response time is crucial when an incident occurs. SC high-definition surveillance solutions, mobile sharing, interactive camera site maps, and automated trigger alerts mean faster response times.

Irrefutable Evidence

Zoom in on facial features and identify criminals. SC open HD platform allows you to choose the right camera, from the right manufacturer at the right price to give you unparalleled image detail, allowing you to zoom in on faces and get evidence-quality images to identify suspects and keep your assets safe.

Simple Installation
Add Smartphones as Surveillance Cameras on Your Network

SC Contribute application turns any authorized smartphone, tablet or web-enabled camera into a portable or wearable surveillance camera. Security personnel could use Contribute to stream live video and upload recorded video directly to security management when approaching a suspect or incident. Video captured on through the app will upload through the cloud, directly to the same security database used for surveillance cameras.

Camera To Cloud

SC is all about innovation. Our new line of video surveillance cameras can connect directly to the cloud without extra servers or components. Secure your perimeter and remote access points more efficiently

Office building managers are challenged with providing safety and security for employees, assets and data. SC Cloud Video Surveillance Platform enables businesses, small or large, to unlock all the tools of a modern enterprise video surveillance platform without spending large sums of money, investing in extensive training and hiring dedicated staff. SC surveillance solutions are simple and intuitive. Since our solutions are cloud-based, there’s no special software needed to download or update.


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