A Flexible Way to Manage Call Volume and Route Calls to the Right Place

Balancing superior customer service with efficient and cost-effective telephony operations can be challenging for any business, regardless of size. On one side, you need to provide the highest quality of customer service possible. On the other, there’s the real need to maximize your resources while minimizing costs.

With Intelligent Call Routing (ICR) from SC, you can do both. ICR lets your organization direct calls in a way that improves response times and customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs. ICR empowers you with detailed reporting and allows you to employ automated disaster recovery routing. ICR rules are easily modified by trusted members of your team via an easy-to-use website.

Intelligent Call Routing Benefits

  • Drive down agent costs by routing calls more efficiently to your available resources
  • Eliminate lost revenue due to lost calls
  • Increase customer satisfaction by creating a better customer experience
  • Ensure business continuity and maximize business productivity
  • Enjoy easy management of your service anytime, from anywhere, via a customized web portal
  • Count on round-the clock customer support, 365 days a year
  • Always know where you stand with real-time reporting and metrics