Ensure Business Continues, Even in Extreme Situations

Unexpected situations—from construction activity to inclement or severe weather and even malicious attacks—can disrupt your connection to your PBX, leaving you without voice or data functionality. Depending on the situation, you may be looking at just a few minutes of down time—or in extreme cases it may be hours or days before your service is restored to normal.

Why take the chance of missing important customer calls? You don’t have to. Adding Automatic Call Routing (ACR) to your SC IP Voice, SC IP Voice with VPN, VoIP SIP or Enterprise SIP services, you can ensure that customers can reach you in the unexpected event of a service interruption.  ACR works by automatically redirecting calls to a failover number, which minimizes the possibility of disruptions and helps to assure business continuity.

ACR lets you:

  • Maintain business productivity by ensuring your employees are reachable, even in extreme situations
  • Route each of your Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers to a different failover phone number, letting you forward calls to a mobile phone, an answering service or voicemail or even a main phone number associated with another PBX
  • Easily set up and change “forward-to” numbers as necessary

ACR: An Affordable Service You Can’t Afford to be Without

Competitively priced, ACR monthly charges are based on access speed, regardless of the number of lines, telephone numbers or DIDs. Calls that are routed through ACR are billed as part of your SC Voice/SIP calling plan.