With state of art infrastructure and cutting edge technologies, SC provides application development service to develop powerful applications focused on customer relation enhancement, process automation, cost savings and competitive advantage creation. Our team consists of experienced software professionals who are highly proficient in life-cycle development and have expertise in developing world class commercial applications that meet business and technical requirements.

Software development can be a very stressful and drawn out process if you do not hire a well qualified team. We understand it can be hard to tell a successful software development team from an unsuccessful one but paying attention to the right details may be all it takes to make the right decision the first time. Nearly each and every business on the web today outsources projects such as software development and successful businesses don’t have time to organize and manage these projects as well. This is why you need a development team that can handle the entire project and conduct it with professionalism and the organization required to get the project done on time.

For custom software development you want to a team that has all of the follow qualities to back up their work and skills:

  • Business understanding for their own business as well as the clients business
  • Multiple stage prototypes to give you an idea of how the software is coming along and allow you the opportunity to make revisions and changes as you see required
  • Optimized and long term design that will keep your business successfully running for years before a new design is required
  • Not only will the developing team test your software and application but they will have customers and average internet surfers test it for bugs as well
  • Integration into your website if necessary is always included in a software developmental package

These are the features and aspects of software development you want to see beside any company name and these are the features we possess to help complete any project you may have correctly and successfully the first time around. Project management and maintenance is definitely something we can handle for our clients to lessen their workload and create tighter and cleaner software in the long run.

You can trust in our developmental process knowing that each and every step is always documented and our process is strictly monitored as well as improved upon over time. A thorough understanding of business and what clients are looking for is what has helped us achieve our long term success. With your vision and our skills we can create absolutely any type of software application you can think of. Your software application will be collaboration between our design and development ideas with your own vision and this is what makes our team unique.

Business Intelligence Solutions

We allow companies to best manage their operations by turning their valuable data into meaningful information. We improve the quality and speed of the internal reporting and decision making of the organization. Our solutions help them assess business performance through a number of angles based on the unified view of data from different sources.

CRM Development

SC offers complete CRM development that lets you manage all aspects of relationship with your customers, businesses and investors. With new approaches in building corporate CRM strategies we lay emphasis on self-service tools, electronically managed relationships and personalization of online consumer experience. We help you maximize your returns on your investment to CRM by providing customizations, integration, enhancement and end-to-end implementations.

Our experience and deep understanding of CRM software implementation along with our technical expertise allows us to build software tailored to the clients requirement and business specifics.

ERP Development

SC develops custom ERP software based on client’s requirement and specifics. With creative & technical expertise and problem-solving skills we provide solutions for all industries and businesses. Our team has domain experience in all the areas including retail, finance, manufacturing, sales, supply chain, front office etc. We develop intelligent applications considering your valuable resources & planning.