Often, we take it for granted. But light level and quality in a building can have a profound impact on student achievement, patient healing, retail sales and worker productivity. Also, many facility lighting systems can be a significant source of savings.

SC provides a range of services to help meet organizational goals. From new construction enterprise-level lighting solutions to municipal street lights to business remodels, SC has the expertise to deliver lighting projects of any size.
• Comprehensive approach to facility, campus and municipal lighting systems lower electric utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
• Innovative lighting products have better lighting color and quality to improve productivity and safety, and longer life to reduce maintenance and inventory costs.
• Turnkey lighting upgrades develop highly customized lighting solutions often funded through utility rebates, incentives and operational efficiencies.
• Street lighting upgrades reduce energy consumption, provide a longer product lifespan and improve safety.
• Long-established partnerships with major lighting suppliers means technical expertise and lower prices.
• Mission-critical services performed by trained technical experts dedicated to reliable building operation and reducing costs.
• 130 branches throughout North America with the backing of a global organization to support multiple locations and provide consistency.

Lighting Retrofits
No matter how big or how complex, when an organization needs to upgrade its lighting systems and controls, there’s no better partner to turn to than Johnson Controls.
Our retrofit, remodel and roll-out programs are the most effective way for your organization to upgrade your existing lighting system, save money on energy and improve your environmental efficiency across any range of locations and facilities. SC lighting upgrades and installations:
• Provide our customers with a single point of contact for their entire program
• Utilize a cost-effective, streamlined and standardized implementation process
• Maintain consistency in our implementation results across any number of locations
• Minimize our customers’ site or facility disruption

Street and Roadway Lighting
Organizations — both government and private enterprises — need to address the trend of rising energy costs, in order to meet environmental and fiscal responsibilities. Street lighting systems are often one of the more overlooked sources of sustainable, energy-saving value. Upgrading a traditional street lighting system to one with the latest technology can help organizations:
• Achieve improved returns on investment through a combination of reduced energy usage and inventory costs and increased operations and maintenance savings
• Create safer and better-lit roadways
• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental stewardship

Turnkey Lighting Upgrades
A full-circle solution that begins with an assessment of your operation’s lighting needs and ends with the roll-out and maintenance of new commercial lighting systems, SC takes you from start to finish with a turnkey lighting upgrade – we identify, design, propose, install and maintain a lighting solution that helps your business save money on energy and quickly see a return on its investment.
Our turnkey services are customized to match your business’s unique application and the reports delivered to your team are designed to fit within your management process. Plus, our lighting upgrades utilize the latest, most-efficient technology from the top lighting manufacturers in the world to deliver:
• Reduced energy consumption: Lower electric utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions
• Longer life products: Reduce both your maintenance and your inventory costs
• Improved lighting color and quality: Improve worker productivity, increase sales on a retail floor and improve the safety of any work environment