Access Control from Per Mar Security Services is designed for businesses that do not have the time, resources, patience or desire to manage an access control system. Per Mar can administer all programming, cardholder database management and report services, giving you a secure facility without having to develop access control expertise.

Managed Controlled Safety

If you have one door or 1,000 doors at 100 different locations throughout the country that need to be controlled, your Per SC security consultant can help design a system that will accomplish your objectives.

You could have one room that needs to be controlled (cash counting, high dollar inventory, wire transfer, IT, etc.) or an entire campus (hospitals, universities, office complexes). A properly designed access control system will allow authorized individuals into authorized areas at authorized times. This creates a high degree of safety for employees and students. There are many different technologies available for access control such as keypads that require the use of a PIN code for entry, a variety of card types and bio-metrics (hand, eye, face) scanners, to name a few.

Just a Few Features of Access Control/Key-less Entry:
• No more keys – If an access card is lost or not returned, just make it inactive.
• No worries – Having duplicated keys is no longer a concern.
• Reliable tracking – Know who went where, and when.
• Automation – Automatically lock and unlock doors.
• Full system integration – Integrate with intrusion alarms
• Dynamic controls – Control elevators and gates.
• Scalable – Start with one or two doors, and add more as planning constraints allow.
• Organization – Maintain employee profiles, including electronic photos.