Point to Multipoint Ethernet Connectivity that Simplifies Network Management

Simplify your network management and connect locations cost-effectively with SC Ethernet Hub service. By connecting your headquarters or primary data center to the nationwide SC network, you can expand Ethernet connectivity to locations across your enterprise while enjoying the convenience of managing all connections from a single, central location.

·         SC Ethernet Hub Features & Benefits

  • Simplified management
    • Provides a single aggregation point for all traffic across your network
    • Centralizes management for all locations
  • Lower costs
    • Single handoff reduces capital and operational costs
  • Superior Ethernet service
    • MEF Certified
    • Customer can assign any VLANs they want and traffic is passed transperantly through SC’s network
    • Traffic is tagged as Real Time for reliable transmission
    • Hub bandwidth options range from 200Mbps – 10Gbps. Remote endlink bandwidths range from 3Mbps to 1Gbps
    • Take advantage of SC’s national coverage including Fiber, Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over DS1s, and a long list of Alternate Ethernet Access providers – all at your disposal to reach end users
    • Support for Jumbo Frames
    • 24-hour network monitoring and maintenance, and Layer 2 security

How Ethernet Hub Service Works

Each remote site connects directly to the Hub and all end links have dedicated bandwidth.