Whether you’re a small business or a multi-location enterprise, SC has scalable, customized network and Internet access solutions to meet your unique needs.

The SC Broadband Internet service is an excellent add-on to your existing network services offering network redundancy to your existing MPLS IP-VPN or Dedicated Internet Access network connections. It also offers a cost effective solution to overcome the challenge of finding Internet access for your remote locations from a single network provider.

Making Broadband Internet Work for your Business

Broadband Internet – although not considered business-grade – can in fact support your business in a variety of ways.

Backup to IP-VPN

Re-direct your network traffic to the broadband Internet connection in the event your VPN connection fails.

Access to MPLS

Do you have remote workers or offices in locations where private connectivity is too costly and deemed unnecessary? SC Broadband Internet provides a cost-effective option for directly accessing your SC MPLS IP-VPN networ

Dedicated Internet

SC Broadband Internet can be used as a backup connection if your business-grade SC Direct Internet Access fails.