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Mikrotik with Freeradius/mySQL – Dealing with STALE sessions in FR – Part 5

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Mikrotik is working as as NAS (pppoe server) along with Freeradius for authorization/accounting. When electric power or hardware failure occurs or in a situation where NAS cannot update the FR about user is being disconnected & not active any more, the FR will consider user ACTIVE in radacct table, therefore on next dialup attempt by the user (once every thing is restored), he will get access denied because

  1. There is Simultaneous-Use attribute to prevent multiple login from same user
  2. user accctsoptime is NULL because FR have not receive any update from the NAS about user is not online any more.

To remove such stale sessions, there are various methods, you can make your own bash script & schedule it to run every x minutes (example every 5 minutes). Or you can use IF query in authorize session so that when user tries to reconnect & his sessions have NULL  then in this case the query should put stop entry in act stop time and allow user new login. or make a PHP program that can be scheduled to run every 5 minutes and then query the radacct session for users whose account update have not received from the NAS.

STEP – 1

First you need to add lastupdate column in your RADACCT table (in radius db) . Infact all solutions posted in this guide relies on it. so add it

ALTER TABLE 'radacct' ADD 'lastupdate' TIMESTAMP NOT NULL AFTER 'xascendsessionsvrkey';

Now you can use following methods, which ever is ok with you, or you can combine both as well, I tested it a local network & worked well for me …. tejas

Solution # 1
Using BASH in CRON

You can use following bash script to run every 5 minutes which will check for any stale session by matching last update time with current. If the radius have not received any updates for that account from the NAS for more then 5 minutes , it wil consider this session as STALE and will close its session its record.

mysql -uroot -pSQLPASS -s --skip-column-names -e "use radius; UPDATE radacct SET acctstoptime = NOW(), acctterminatecause = 'SCRIPT ACTION' WHERE acctstoptime IS NULL AND lastupdate < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 5 MINUTE)";

This will update the radacct acctstoptime only if user will try to re-connect, ]

Edit /etc/freeradius/sites-enabled/default

nano /etc/freeradius/sites-enabled/default

for compiled RADIUS , use this path

nano /usr/local/etc/raddb/sites-enabled/default

in AUTHORIZE { section add following query

if (User-Name){
if("%{sql:UPDATE radacct set AcctStopTime=ADDDATE(AcctStartTime,INTERVAL AcctSessionTime SECOND), AcctTerminateCause='Clear-Stale Session' WHERE UserName='%{User-Name}' and CallingStationId='%{Calling-Station-Id}' and AcctStopTime is NULL}"){

Save & restart free radius server.

This way if NAS goes out, the session will still show online in radacct table, but when user will re login next time, his session on radacct table will update and new entry will be created.

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